Here Comes the Sun

Summertime is just around the corner. The weather is different from before because today is really hot. Others are suffering from heat stroke. It is really pain on our skin when we go out of the house. We need to have sun protection to protect our skin from the heat of the sun. During this time, some of us wants to go to the beach and have fun. Vacation in the beautiful beaches and spend the day together with our family. We are advice to put sun protection to prevent us from possible skin cancer. And we should go for a higher protection of. Here are some facts on how to protect our skin.
1. we should use sunscreen with brod spectrum
2. water resistance sunscreen
3. application
4. reapplication

Following these four, we are ready to go out and enjoy the heat of the sun. No need to worry about our skin when we are having fun at the beach. Because we are well protected and we are ready for heat of the sun. Kids can now play under the sun and experience the summertime at the beach. The whole family is safe from the sun burn and possible sun damage to our skin. Even if the heat of the sun is far too different from before, we can still appreciate it. When we talk of summer, we think of a beach always. So this summer embrace the sun with our sun protection and lets go party at the beach.

One Response to “Here Comes the Sun”

  1. JENIE=) says:

    i guess i can just go out in the open if dipped in the water haha. it's really terribly hot these days. im avoiding sun exposure between 10-4pm if possible, as advised by professionals.

    and you're right to use sun protection if really unavoidable.

    thanks for the add. linked you on all 4 of my blogs
    life round meNyou