Today's Homily: Love One Another

We all know that the ultimate lover is God. He has the unconditional love for us to even sacrifice himself for our salvation. He wants us to love each other and give love to everybody and everything He has given for us. We are made by His own image and likeness. And so we have to see God in everybody else. What we are doing to others, we are doing it to Him. Love one another and love your enemy.

As I am listening, I had a reflection about loving my enemy. Love one another, but it is hurt to love our enemy. See God in everyone, but how about my enemy? It is very hard and it is a challenge for me to love my enemy. Especially if the person is really hurts me deep. Forgive and forget, as the priest say earlier. I can forgive but hard to forgive. Scars will remain forever, even if it is healed by the time scars will always reminds me of the past. Acceptance and loving the person back will healed the things totally, but the scars will be the boundary to prevent us from being hurt again.

Enemies will pushing us away from God. For we can’t give love to them because of the hatred we felt inside. I just hope that I will be able to overcome this trials and will be able to say ‘hi, hello and how are you’, to my enemies and to those who hates me for the reason that I don’t know. God bless everyone!

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