More Than A Mother

No one compares the pain and sacrifices of the mother having the baby in their womb for nine months. The pain of giving birth and even risking their life. But the real sacrifices is when the baby’s first day in this world. Raising them is the beginning of all the sacrifices.

Some parents get a nanny/babysitter to help them taking care of the baby, especially when the mother is working. Sometimes they look up more than one kid. Nanny/babysitter took the place of the mother when the mother is at work. Double the work because taking care of the baby and cleaning the house. They are acting more than the mother. As I have noticed, kids sometimes are more closer to the nanny/babysitter than to their mother. The only difference is the mother gave birth to them. The hardship of raising the kids and taking care of them is almost equal. They are doing it for a living, to even leave their own children at home to take care of other baby for them to survive in life.

We give credit to them, for the job well done. It is not easy taking care of others baby knowing that you are a mother too. They have sacrifice their own children to support their own children financially. A mother and a nanny/babysitter is the job that no one can compare.

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  1. bleep says:

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    it's not that simple being responsible to another soul aside form yourself!