Skin Allergy…

They say lotion can make your skin more beautiful, smooth, nice to touch and control the dryness of the skin. It will looks your skin more beautiful because it is soft to touch. I seldom use lotion on my skin because I am not use to it. Well, i don’t have dry skin just like others. I am blessed with that kind of normal skin. Before I used Mary Kay lotion, it really nice and I feel my skin is really soft to touch. But I stopped using it 6 years ago because it is so expensive. I can not sustain those kind of expensive products. So I am back to just soap on my skin and no lotion.

Last Sunday, I was so happy that my sister is given me a lotion to put on my skin. It is a different products, not the one that I used before. Eventhough, I am still happy because its been a while since the last time I put lotion on my skin. While using it, i felt that my skin is very itchy. Still I continue using it and just thought maybe my skin is still adjusting because its been a while. After four days of using it, i saw red spots on my skin and it is very itchy. I told my sister and she told me I had a skin allergy and told me to stop using it. I am so sad because of what had happen. I never thought I had skin allergy because I used lotion before. Funny but I think my skin is looking for an expensive one which I cannot afford for now.(huhuhu)

Starting today, I stopped using the lotion and I will stick to my soap. Anyways I do not have dry skin. I will wait for the time that I will be able to buy the same lotion I used before.

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