Is This World Sick?

When God created the world it was incomplete, that is why He put human being to do the rest. As human being we are in charge to make this world complete. Make it a better place to live for everybody and take good care of it. We have all we needed, we just have to cultivate it for us to survive and make life worth living. It was a wonderful place to live then, until we want changes and improvements.

Due to high technology invented by others which we love because it is new and for convenience, we have done something bad to our mother earth. Too much using it in that also cause climate change. Earthquakes and other calamities are the fruits of what we are doing. Signs of end of the world, that is why others are panic and scared. End of the world is not true because no one know when is the world be ended. Even Jesus do not know when is that day come. Remember that we are the world, and we are the one creating it. If there is an end, it will be us. The human being who live on earth. This calamities happens to make us awake and realize that our world is not a better place to live. So we need change, we should start now before its too late. Helping each other and make earth CLEAN AND GREEN for us and for the future generation.

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