Lessons in Life…

1. Learn to care to someone and to yourself.
2. Learn to smile and give smile to everyone.
3. Learn to cry when you are hurt and feel sad.
4. Learn to give love and be loved.
5. Learn to forgive and forget.
6. Learn to share you blessings.
7. Learn to trust someone and be trust worthy.
8. Learn to love yourself and others.
9. Learn to admit mistakes.

Lessons in life that I have been reading and following for me to have a peaceful mind and happy life. Life is worth living if you know how to value yourself as well as others. Having these lessons in life to follow is not that easy, for we will be tested by trials and challenges in life. Our patience will be tested also for us become a better person. A person with pride and ego will take time to accept all this lessons. We are only human as others will say, but with these lessons we will have a harmonious relationship to others. Hope these lessons will inspires others as it did to me. God bless everyone!

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