Rainbow After the Rain..

There is no such thing as forever in a relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend. If we choose to be in that relationship we are bound to be hurt and feel pain when it is ended. Human do get hurt because we invest emotions and feelings. We have this feeling that in every hello there is a goodbye in the end. Though others has happy ending, but most relationship ends in crying and in pain. Why is it that we hurt the one we love? Question that I don’t understand and bothers my mind.

Loving someone is the nicest thing that human felt for someone. It is a feeling that never felt before and wanted to share it to that someone. Even we knew that we might get hurt, still we choose to love,and be loved. Reality bites and love really hurts when it is ended. Tears run dry for too much crying, but after the rain there is a rainbow that symbolizes hope and brighter future. Every time we fall, do not lost hope, look for the positive side and be strong to move forward. There is better tomorrow for those who have faith and trust in Him.

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