Tropical Fruit Salad…

Today I took a day off and go with my sister to the mall. I really missed this, going to mall with my sister and having fun. But today is not the same as the usual we do in the mall. We go to mall to buy things needed for her house. She has been married for three months now. Although we are buying things for her house, we still having fun in picking what to buy. She is busy looking at her list while me busy in pushing the cart for her. While pushing the cart, I told her to buy me food because pushing cart is not easy.

After buying, we are heading to the restaurant we used to go and eat. I am very excited to order the same dish I like and love to eat. But this time, she wants me to try a new dish. She ordered tropical fruit salad for us. It is very yummy and taste really good. I admit I am not into sweet foods, but this salad really taste yummy. And we did have fun eating the new dish for us to share. Surely I will order this dish as often as I want. My new favorite food to eat.

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