Food Trip Popcorn….

Nothing much to do today, facing my computer and doing my online things. While kids are playing and the baby is asleep. I am doing my business online, I felt bored and I want to eat. If I am bored and don’t know what to do I need foods to motivate me to go on and bring back my energy. So I stop doing comments and play with my nieces.

After lunch I felt the same thing, bored and don’t have that energy. As I saw my friend who is my neighbor, I asked him to go to the nearest grocery store and buy uncooked popcorn. It is cheap to buy uncooked plus it is many compared to the cooked one. For a few minutes he came back and my brother and him started to cook the popcorn. While waiting, I am preparing our drinks. In a few minutes popcorn is cooked and ready to eat. It is so yummy mixed it with cheese powder. Food trip is really fun, well I do admit eating is one of my passion especially bored. Popcorn is the best ever food trip I have ever had. Popcorn is served, time to eat. Yummy!

One Response to “Food Trip Popcorn….”

  1. CoLine says:

    I definitely agree…I'm addicted to popcorns..i could even eat it at breakfast hahaha!