They Lost the Game…

Here in our village, we have this summer basketball game league. I am an avid fan of basketball game, and one of my favorite. I even more eager to watch because my brother has a team and they are playing very well. They are on their way to final four only need one more win to ensure a slot for final.

Today is the most awaited game for them to ensure a final slot, if they win they will go straight fighting for champion. We are very excited and confident enough that they will win the game. The game started very nice and full of thrilling. I even felt that they will win, but when the second half of the game starts luck is not on our side. NO matter how much they tried, feels like they are climbing lots of mountain to get a shot. It is so frustrating but we have to accept that in a game there is only one winner. Unfortunately not my brothers team.

Though we go home sad because they lost the game, we are happy that they give a good game and did challenge the opponent. Better luck next time for their team next Sunday. I hope they will win, for them to go into playoffs. Crossing our fingers because in a game it needs luck and good teamwork. Good luck to them!

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  1. gracia says:

    added you already gen… taga saan ka? you look familiar..