Slim Down a Little…

It has been years since my relatives and friends calling me fat woman. It hurts my feeling so I undergo crash diet but didn’t turn out right. I ended up sick for two months and having an ulcer. From then on I gave up and I don’t care what they say. Until last year when my sister decided to get married and I will be her maid of honor. I am so excited and at the same time scared because they will tease me again because I didn’t lose any fats at all.

It was December of last year when I decided to lose some weight so that I will be confident enough to wear the gown as a maid of honor. I am lazy to do exercise, I don’t have patience of doing it. I did try but stop because after doing it, i am so hungry and ended up eating a lot and gaining fat some more. My sister told me to eat less, no rice for breakfast and dinner. Only eat right meal at lunch, it is very hard and it takes me a lot of motivation not to eat a lot for the sake of her wedding and for myself also. January of this year was my sister’s wedding, I didn’t lose weight that fast but it tone down my fatty belly. I am so happy because I have noticed a little effect of my sacrifice. I continued doing it because I really like to lose some weight for a change. I have been a fatty girl for years.

I was surprise today when my brother told me that I lose some fats. I am happy that someone is noticing the changes in me. Eating less every meal really helped me a lot. A little sacrifice had been paid by someone appreciating it. I will continue this, less rice and less eat for health reason. Plus I am not getting any younger, metabolism not working fast. Thanks to my sister who helped me in motivation to do this.

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