Singing on a Rainy Day…

Woke up this morning very lazy because of the cold and rainy weather. It is so good to just lay down and sleep with this kind of weather. It is a perfect time to meditate and thinking of the memorable moments happened in my life. I felt relax looking at the rain pouring on roof, and the sounds of the rain is like music to my ear. As I am thinking of so many things, I suddenly felt sad and lonely for the reason that I don’t know.

With this kind of feeling I’d like to sing. I went out from my room, decided to sing along and have fun. I would like to make some noise to ease the loneliness I felt so suddenly. And so I turn on the television and the Karaoke and started to have some fun. As usual singing my favorite love songs music, I don’t have a good voice but I love to sing. I don’t care what my neighbors are saying. I get the energy back again if I am singing and dancing.

I used to sing along alone before, now I am singing with my two nieces. Made me smile because they are like me, love to sing and even not in the right tune they still sing. I realized that my nieces are big now, before I used to carry them in my arms, now they are singing with me. Time really passes by s fast. And I am getting old. Happy to see them growing and become a better person. Even if they make me angry, they make me laugh most of the time. Added more life to my years seeing them growing everyday in my own eyes.

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