His 63rd Birthday..

Today is the birthday of my father, he is 63 now. It’s been just recently since we celebrated his 62nd birthday. Another year over and thank God my father is well and healthy, though he has some oldies illness. The same as before, he went to church and light candle way of thanking God for the blessings of life. We will be having a simple dinner at home, talking and a little drinking for some friends and neighbors.

Early this morning, my two little nieces woke up my father singing happy birthday to him. They are so sweet even sometimes very stubborn. They are asking for father’s age, cakes. balloons kids will always be kids asking so many question. They make my father laugh early this morning. They said if there is no cake, no birthday. We just tell them that we will celebrates grandfather’s birthday very simple. Just a simple foods for the family to share, the important is grandfather is not sick, still with us and loves us. We will say thanks to the Lord for the gift of having him till now. To my father, happy happy birthday hope you have many more birthdays to come and God bless always.

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  1. gracia says:

    God is the source of life