Pushing me to the Limit….

Last two months ago, I had misunderstanding with someone. Someone I thought a friend but she is just pretending to be one. I admit I said something not good, and I said sorry to her. But she didn’t accept my apology. I decided to let it go, since she doesn’t want my apology. I am only human and sometimes lost control because of too much anger in my heart. I utter a word that should have not tell it. I wish I can get it back what I have said. Since the damage is already done, I decided to move on and enjoy life. I wouldn’t waste my time waiting for forgiveness to the person whom forcing me to do it.

Now, it’s been two months since our last chat. Then one day I heard she said I go to hell. What kind of person is that? For that two months I never said a word against her. It hurts me a lot because I never thought she could be that kind of person. If I said a word that hurt her feelings, its because she asked for it. Pushing me to the limit, she makes me feel like an idiot. She makes me feel I am nothing, trying to belong. Which is not true and not me at all. By what she said, that’s hitting below the belt and really hurt me a lot. I even think of a revenge from her. If I were that kind of person, I can do it but I am not and I still respected her as a person. I will not stoop down to her level. I wouldn’t be in her bitchy world. Sorry to say this word, but it really hurt me.

I know that nothing is permanent in this world, we live temporarily. But for now I can’t forgive her, she makes me hate her. I still wish her luck, and hope what she did to me wont turn back to her. Hope she is able to sleep at night despite the fact that she is making stories which is not true.

Sorry to the reader that I posted it here, I really want an outlet of what I feel. I am shaking in anger of her, I just wish I can forgive her. Too early to tell, for now I can’t. I am a person with so much patient and not angry easily, but she pushing me to the limit. To those reader of my blog…..SORRY AGAIN, not a good post

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