Kiss and Make-Up…

In a relationship there are times that the couple will take the challenge of misunderstanding, problems, and fights. Times when they don’t meet the same thoughts about some issues. Others just breakdown and decided to end the relationship. These are the tests that would tell the person how much they love and value each other. Girls tend to cry easily, that some guys do irritated by those drama. Pride and ego will kill the relationship. And they think calling it off will save them from all these things.

In this kind of situation, couples should sit down, talk things over and try to resolve things in a tone voice and with understanding mind and heart. All these things can be settled in a calm condition. Solving a problem needs to have a listener and a speaker one after the other. If the two still love and care for each other, they can apply the ‘kiss and make-up’ technique. A technique that is very useful in solving issues like this. Showing the love and care for the one you love.

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