Men Talk Less

Women usually misinterpret the silent of men. We may wonder what is in his mind, and what he is thinking about. We tend to get anxious when men stop communicating for no apparent reason. We sometimes make an effort to capture their attention, or when they show minimal reaction. It takes a lot of understanding why men ignore women, we sometimes feel hurt and neglected.

There is a communication gap, because men and women are different in so many ways, and in thinking. It is a challenge to every women to support and understand if he talks less or never talk at all. Sometimes the silence of men doesn’t mean they are not functioning. Men may need some time to think about for he doesn’t know what to say yet. Being quiet doesn’t mean men are inconsiderate and insensitive. He just need some time to be alone, and silence is important to him. He is just in the process of adjusting what he feels and what he is trying to say. Eventually he will be open up to you and talk to you as soon as he sort things out. Being silent doesn’t mean he is in bad mood or something troubles him. Men just needs more time to examine himself and know himself completely.

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