A Little Girl Dream….

Every little girl love to watch fairy tale story especially the story of Cinderella. With all the hardship in life, she always face it with a smile on her face and never complains of the life she has. Cinderella don’t have hatred in her heart, and never gets angry to her steps sisters and her step mother.

This is the life I have ever dreamed of when I was young. As a kid we do like to wear dresses like Cinderella and to find her prince charming. A dream in a fantasy world that is too good to be true. Also dreaming what if I am Cinderella, will I be able to find my prince charming.? Question that only comes into reality in place called dream land. The land of happily ever after, only seen on television and make into reality in every girls dreams.

Me and my two nieces are watching one of the version of movie Cinderella, they are having argument because they want to be Cinderella. It is funny to look at them arguing on a life that they don’t even know if it is existing. They are amazed of the dresses in the ball where Cinderella attended. Little girls do love to see those kinds of colorful dresses. It catches their attention, and starting to dream about it. Little girl, little mind, and little dreams. A dream of happily ever after life.

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