Busy Monday…..

I woke up early but still sleepy, no choice but to keep myself awake because kids are running around. Classes has ended and my seven years old niece st home. I suspect this would be my tiring and stressful day because my two nieces always fighting and very noisy, I have the baby to watch. Although it is already part of my life and my daily routine, I am angry and get irritated sometimes because I can’t rest if I want to. It is really frustrating for I don’t own my time anymore.

Today is monday and loads of work to do at home, plus three kids. Always telling myself I am doing this because I love my family, and I want to help. What irritates me today is that the kids don’t like the foods on the table. I am trying to control my anger but it really irritating to look around and I have a lot of things to do and haven’t started it yet because the baby is awake and the kids are messing around.

My busy monday will starts as soon as the house is at peace and the kids are sleeping. Which will be this afternoon, I won’t be able to take a nap for I have do finish household things when house is at peace. When would I have to escape from all this. I want to help but this is really too much, too much that came to the point of hating myself. I pray to God that He will give me more strength to carry on the loads I have on my shoulder.

One Response to “Busy Monday…..”

  1. elizabeth says:

    Kids always keeps us busy.
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