Passion Sunday……a joyous christian celebration

Today, Catholic Christian do celebrate passion Sunday. It is also called palm Sunday, wherein we bring coconut palm to be bless with holy water. Passion Sunday is the day when Jesus starts His journey to spread the good news to the people and save people from sins.

Passion Sunday is the beginning of the holy week, we catholic celebrates Christ journey to save the world, and the people. Jesus suffers the agony for the good of His people. We are encourage to repent and reconcile for all the sins we have committed. They also encourage people to watch the movie, PASSION OF CHRIST, wherein you will see the suffering of Jesus for our salvation. He accepts all the beating, still He forgives us from our sin. Accepts to die on the cross for us, His people.

This season of lent, we are looking back the life of Jesus before he died on the cross. How people execute him, and sentence His death through crucifixion. We are the reason for Jesus Christ sacrifices and died on the cross. We have to remember that, and keep in our heart that Jesus is in us. See Jesus in everyone, forgive and forget. God is the redeemer of the world, and most of all GOD IS LOVE.

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