So Called.."Blind Date"..

A blind date is a common way to get to know other people, but can be risky. This date can be awkward to the people doing it because they are clueless. No idea whom they are going to meet, the looks and the character of a person you are dating. Because they do not know each other, you will have n idea what to say and how to act in the company of other person.

Usually a blind date is a set up by your friends. More or less you do not have any things in mind what the guy/girl looks like. You might expecting too much and be disappointed after seeing him or talking to him. What if you find him boring? How will you escape from that set up without being rude. Things like that are possible to happen, in a blind date expect the unexpected.

Nobody wants an unsuccessful date, but sometimes we have to take an action in order to prevent an agonizing and embarrassing incidents. It takes two tango, a blind date can be a successful one also. If you want it to become a memorable one, exert an effort.

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