Finished Good at School….

Today is the end of class at my niece school, they will have a recognition day to all students who finish with flying colors. They give medals and ribbons to those students with honors and best in respective subjects in school.

I am so happy because my niece is one of them. Although she is not included to those students with honor, she has a ribbons as best in science and english. I am so happy for her knowing she really did well at school. Even more happier because I will be the one who will pin those ribbons for her. Her parents expected her to be part of those students with honors, as what parents do like for their kids to finish. I told them, she did her best and its better than nothing. Try to appreciate the achievements she has.

I remember the day when I was young and have those achievements at school no mother or father who will pins those ribbons for me, only my older sister. I envy those who bring their parents to pin those ribbons. Well, just reminiscing the past that happened in my life. If i could turn back the times. To my niece, I want her to feel that we are proud of her and will always be there for her in every achievements she has in school.

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