When is Enough be Enough?

To help someone is a good feeling, you will be able to lighten the burden of other people or your love ones. There are lots of ways to be able to help, it could be in cash, kind, ideas, and service rendered. In helping there are sharing, and also teaching so that for the next they can do it on their own. No need to expect something in return, a sweet thank you will do its like showing the appreciation of what you did.

There is also disadvantage of helping someone. When you are trying to help someone, and that someone do not know how to say thank you. Because when you say thanks you it means no more help, as they say. Helping is good when you do it once, but if you do it more than once it becomes your job. A job for free, a job that others do not appreciate. Instead they are taking advantage of your kindness, its because you wanted to help it doesn’t mean you have to do it anytime they want your help. The disadvantage is, if you do not know how to say NO. It is very hard to say no, especially when that someone is very close to your heart.

When is enough be enough? When you do not know how to say no, there is no way you can say enough. Some person is insensitive, don’t have feeling of what you feel inside, and don’t know how to appreciate your kindness. Enough will be enough when you speak out, what you felt, whats on your mind and most especially learn how to say no sometimes.

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