On this Day…..

Today I woke up with lots of thinking in mind. Things that are happening in our life today. I am used to it since we been battling struggle in life back when I was young. Misunderstanding, conflicts, and other things that are not good in a relationship. To our family, relatives, friends and neighbors.

On this day, I have realized to mend a quarrel, search out a forgotten friend, to have a peace of mind and have a harmonious relationship to each other. It is not good to wake up every morning thinking that I have hurt feelings to someone close to my heart. I remember the times during happy moments we shared and the laughs we share. I really missed those moments, especially to my brother whom I love so dearly. Even if very stubborn brother still my love for him will remain as I promise to my mother to love him and be a good sister to him. Forgive and forgets and try not to make misunderstanding again.

Life is made up of smiles and tears,joys and sorrows and have trials and difficulties. Just remember that God wouldn’t give us load that we can’t carry. He will always be there to lift us up if we are down. God give us hard times to make us strong and better person.

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