Second Option!?

It’s been 3 months since my brother left the house without notice. He doesn’t bother to tell us where he would going, and whats his plans. All we know he is living with his college student girlfriend. Where is the promise of helping the family if he gets a job?

It is really frustrating whats my brother is doing to us. When he is needing money for him to find a job, we supported him, giving him what he needed for him to start his life. We are not counting the helps, just want him to fulfill his promise to help the family since he is single. Family should be helping each other. It hurts me a lot knowing that to my brother family is a second option. No way to contact him because every time we call his phone, he turn it off. If we text him no reply. It is really irritating, feeling that he doesn’t care at all. Even just a simple help is more than enough, to make us feel we are important and he still remembers us.

Even though he is neglecting us, we still family and we still longing and hoping for him to come back soon. Soon enough before he regrets of neglecting us as his family. Soon enough before he feels we will neglecting him also. Soon enough before he feels, why he choose his family as the second option.

How does it feel to be the second option? Why does forgets what he promise? Is it intentional or unintentional? Why he choose us to be the second option? How about you? Are you feeling neglected too??

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