Repent and Reconciliation…

In this season of lent, we catholic encourage to repent and reconcile. That’s what the priest is talking during his homily. We have to repent to all our sins and go back to the Lord. Reconcile to your love ones and to someone whom you have misunderstanding. This is the time to forgive and forget.

We are only human, born to commit mistakes. That’s part of life, we might hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally. And it is very hard for us to forgive and forget because of the pride and ego that we are trying to protect which is not good. It’s very hard to utter the word, am sorry and forgive me. Sometimes we do say, I can forgive but I wont forget especially if that someone hurts you really bad. Betrayal of trust it very hard to forgive and forget.

I do commit mistakes and even hurt somebody’s feeling. I am only human and I do commit mistakes. So overused words that we used as an excuse to every mistakes we did. We forget that the reason our brain is above our heart because God wants us to think first before doing anything. Due to too much anger that we felt in our heart we forget and even utter bad words that hurts feelings. To those someone I have misunderstanding, I hope we will patch those things and am sorry. And to my family, because I am bad sometimes so sorry and I LOVE YOU ALL!

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