Longing for Rain….

It’s been months now since Mindanao experienced rain. “EL ÑIÑO” affects the weather condition of the Philippines. Added the summer season, Philippines weather is so hot. Some areas are in state of emergency due to lack of water and no rain. Shortage of power supply and soil in the farm are very dry. Many farmers are in pain for their root crops, rice plantation, and other plants they are planting are not in good condition.

We have experienced “EL ÑIÑO” phenomenon before, as far as I remember this is the worst that happened in Mindanao because shortage in power supply. The power company has to do exchanging blackouts in all areas in Mindanao to accommodate and equal distribution of electricity. Business establishments are really affecting, especially the malls and other small businesses. Blackout for at least an hour is a big loss to the business. Some areas do have blackouts at night, which makes it very hard because other uses candle to light the house. Others do forgot the candle that causes fire. Fire cases are up due to blackouts. Government calling all the attention of people to be careful to avoid this kind of accidents.

Hopefully this “EL ÑIÑO” phenomenon will end soon, and raining will come out. We have been longing for the rain for months now. Good thing there is no shortage in water in our place. Even with those crisis, we are still blessed because we still have water to drink. Thank you Lord!

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