Cellphone Beep……

I was in my dreamland when my cellphone beeps early in the morning. I am too sleepy because am too tired from last night. I ignored it because I am really sleepy, but then there was another beep. So I decided to get up and read the message maybe its an emergency, because my phone seldom beep early morning.

When I reach for my phone and read the message, sleepy face change into smiley face. For the message comes from a friend and it’s a good news. Told me to wake up because there is an opportunity online. It has been days since I am waiting for an opportunity online. Even I am too sleepy I get up open my computer and grabbed the opportunity. I love my new career online, even if I have just started it is fun, changing ideas and thoughts. It’s like a dream come true because I do really love to write.

To my friend ADA thank you for texting me and sending me the good news. I really appreciate it a lot. THANK YOU FRIEND, good luck for both of us. Happy blogging and God bless!

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