Sunday Mass Homily…(The Prodigal Son)

Today’s mass talks about the son who left his home and asked for his share on his father’s assets. The father who loves his son very much, gave all he wants and never ask questions. He let’s his son do what he wants to do. And after a long time of being far he son comes back and his father accepted him with all his heart. He even make a feast for his long lost son has came back.

As I am there listening to the word of God, I realized that no matter how bad the child is parents will always be parents. Never abandoned or forgets the obligation of being a parent to their kids. Sometimes I get’s angry of my father because he is hard headed, and sometimes I said to myself if only I could choose a father. I know it’ s not good because my father did a lot of sacrifice for us to live and finished studies. No matter how angry I am he is still my father, the only father who raise us and love us no matter how bad we are.

I realized and think of my brother who is not home for months now. I asked myself, is he considered a prodigal son? Although he didn’t ask for something before leaving the house and choose to be with her girlfriend, he is prodigal son because didn’t ask for my father’s permission. I know that he is old enough, have a job of his own, and he has a life of his own, but in respect to my father he should talk to my father of his plan. He just walked out of the house and we didn’t hear a word from him.

Would my father accepts him if he comes back one day? Would my father be happy of his return? Questions left unanswered because my brother is not contacted us till now. I hope and pray he is happy and won’t regret of a life he choose to be.

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