His Front Teeth…

It’s been two days now since my nephew is keep on crying. It’s so irritating because i don’t know what to do. No matter how I carry him, go out of the house, give him toys, still he is crying. It’s very tiring because my nephew is too heavy. I can’t do household things very fast for he don’t want to sleep.

Today when my brother and his wife about to go for work, my brother put the my nephew beside me in my bed. I am still sleepy but I couldn’t sleep for my nephew starts to cry, I give him milk for him to stop crying and fall asleep but he pushed it away. While he is crying I was able to see his gum’s and saw his front teeth coming out. Now I know why my nephew acting this way. He doesn’t know what do to do with the pain in his gum’s.

Right now he is sleeping, woke up crying and sleep again. He is really felt the pain. It’s so cute to see his teeth coming out, he is really growing fast. I should make myself ready for all the bites he will do to me. Babies are like that, just like his two older sister when they have their front teeth. Always bite my shoulder, finger and my arms. Makes me angry sometimes but I tried to understand, for we all know babies loves to bite.

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