" If you love me, you'll sleep with me "

What will you do if your boyfriend asks for sex?

When you and your boyfriend are always see each other, chances are the two of you will get physical. It’s your decision to go “all the way” or just limit it to kissing and fondling. Sexual relationship involves risk so be smart in all your decision. Some women engage in sexual relationship at a very young age without knowing the consequences.

If your boyfriend wants to get you into bed, he will do everything to convince you to do it. Don’t be too emotional about it, “saying if you love me, you’ll sleep with me” he is just bluffing you for you to say yes. If he really loves you, he will respect your decision. Doing sex with your boyfriend, make sure you are emotionally prepared and responsible for your actions. Saying NO doesn’t mean you don’t love him that much.

Sex is not for fun, it is something serious and should be done under the context of marriage. Others forgets the value of doing it, they are not thinking before doing it. Sex is a gift from God to married couple who shares their love and affection for each other. Sex should involve LOVE not LUST.

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