When A Man Loves A Woman

We can tell when a man seriously in love with his woman if,
* he keeps a picture of her girlfriend in his wallet,
* he knows a little details about you,
* You’re a top of his priority,
* he always wants to see you because he misses you,
* he always gives you small presents.

If a man displays this behavior, then you can say he will be yours forever as long as you relationship goes very well. Accepting presents from him showing that you also cares for him. Once he feels that you really like him and care for him, he will respect you, put some effort and concern into the relationship. Love and commitment can be shown in a simple ways. Spending quality time together is very important.

Love is an action word, so it must be felt rather than said. If you tell him that you love him, don’t expect him to tell you the same words. Saying ” I Love You ” is a word that you tell yo someone honestly, willingly and with all your heart. It feels something from within that u want to share. If you don’t get reply from him, don’t feel rejected, what is important is you felt his love for you. Remember: ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

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