Tired but not Retired….

Another week passed by, days are passes by so fast nowadays. Saturday is my busy day, but i woke up lazy today. I don’t feel like moving around the house, I just want to lay down and rest. Back pain is here again, because am doing my laundry yesterday and too much carrying of the baby.

My sister visiting us this morning, saying wake up because we’re going out. I forgot we’re planning to bring the wedding gown she borrowed to laundry shop and dry clean it. I told her am tired today, I said I will bring it myself this afternoon since she has to attend a seminar this afternoon. I almost forgot I have to meet Ada this afternoon, oh what a life, lots of appointment and I feel really tired.

Am tired but not retired, too early to retire am still young. Just feel like my body needs more rest and pampering. Though I am not a working girl, my work is at home which is very tiring also. Felt like my body is over used, plus monthly visitor is approaching I have this cramps problem which makes me more lazy. Cramps that I don’t have before, life really changes when your older.

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