Loving One Self……

People say, love yourself first before loving somebody else. Because if u do not have some love for yourself, it’s difficult for you to give love to somebody else. Before you can give love to someone else, you must have some love for yourself.

Loving one self is important to every individual. But it doesn’t mean you can be selfish, it’s not like that. Others do love their own so much to the point of not thinking if it is good or bad. Loving one self also needs to feel what others will say. Selfish people thinking of what they can get and benefit, they think themselves first before any other. People like this usually difficult to understand, for they don’t trust other and difficult for them to believe that someone loves them. They find it hard to accept and difficult to accept.

Loving one self is equal to respecting oneself. If you do not love and respect yourself, you make yourself unlovable. In other words, you make it difficult for somebody to love you. After all, whoever wants to marry Mr. or Miss Misery?

One Response to “Loving One Self……”

  1. Jessica says:

    I fully agree. You have to love yourself before others will.
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