My Niece Fell from Swing…

We were shocked yesterday when my niece teacher called us and telling she is in the hospital. She fell from sing at the school. My father rushed to go to the hospital to know how bad her situation is. When they got home at 4 in the afternoon, I saw her wounds around her eyes and a few stitches. My poor niece is really hurt bad, I felt like crying seeing her hurt. I hugged her and kisses her telling her, next time not to ride on the swing.

While we are sleeping my niece sleeps beside me, I woke up with a little noise. My niece is crying because she felt the pain, and she has a fever. I didn’t sleep well because from time to time she wakes me up because she felt the pain. How I wish I could take the pain from her.

This morning she woke up with the little smile, because of the medicine she is a little better now. She was not able to go to school because of her situation. This is a lesson learned by her, not to play too much and not to play alone on the swing.

2 Responses to “My Niece Fell from Swing…”

  1. Acting Balanced Mom says:

    so sorry that your niece was hurt – I really hope she feels better after her day off today! Found your blog through Harriet's Comment Challenge

  2. More Than A Mom says:

    lessons are hard to learn when you are so young. sorry she was hurt.
    Visiting from Harriet & Friends.