Life's Trials and Challenges…

Today is Sunday, a family and usually we attend a mass early in the morning. This is what we used to do before, wake up early on sunday and get ready for church. As I woke up this morning, I dont felt like going into church for our family has conflicts. Conflicts that we dont know when and where it starts. My father so suddenly seldom to talk to us and even don’t together with us every meal.

While at church listening to the word of God, it touches my heart for it was all about trials and challenges in life as we follow God. I didn’t realized tears are coming from my eyes, because of life’s trial our family is experiencing now. I even questioned God why this is happening to our family? Maybe because God wants us to be more closer to Him and to each other, and to know how long can we hold on.

As I was sitting there, i asked myself can I hold on for the things that we are experiencing now?? What if I am giving up? Lord give me the strength to hold and face trials with so much power and will to overcome it. Well life is like that, sometimes your up and sometimes your down, its how u will be able to survived and face the world with better tomorrow.

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