What a Life……

As they say, being single is a happy life for you have freedom to do what you want to do, and have all the time in the world. But what a life i am into?? Sometimes i felt like my life evolves around our house. Do i still have my freedom?? Questions that till now puzzled in my mind.

Today is Saturday, like previous years of my life Saturday is a big day for me. Woke up early to do laundry (loads of it), cleaning the house and other house stuff. Am used to it since no one will do household chores since my mother died. Now, i felt like my work at home left undone, i am always in a hurry while my nephew is still sleeping, i have to do it faster. Even in my shower time, and eating time, i have to be in a hurry. I don’t even think i have a freedom of my own, sometimes makes me say I hate the life i have now.

Last Sunday, while in the church i get to talked to my sister. I told her, I hate my life. Every day of my life now is in hurry. I even cried because I pity my self. Yes, they are my family and I am helping them, but I felt like they are taking advantage of me already. Back pain never leaves me now, they say because I am old and I hate them saying that to me. I prayed to God to give me more strength and will to do it while I can and I am still here.

I can say that my life is a wonderful adventure, I am a homebody person so my adventure is in our house. Funny but its true, the life I have evolves around our house. What a life? and I am embracing the life I have now. A life to share it with my family.

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