My Beloved Nephew……..

Time really passes by very fast nowadays. It’s been just recently when my nephew were born, now he is 7 months old and getting bigger and heavier. Before he is a helpless angel, just don’t care how u carry him. Now that he is 7 months old, starts crawling and even want to go down when I carry him. Though its very tiring, it made me happy to see him growing in my arms. Every time i go out of the house he cries, sometimes call me mother. Just a smile from his face makes my day bright and less stressful.

My nephew is a stubborn one, woke me u every morning with a very loud cry because he wants to go out. Sometimes losses my temper especially if i am still sleepy and tired on the previous day. It doubles my tiredness when he is sick, always cry and i have to carry him even when he is already asleep. One day i asked my brother can i have him with me.. silly me but its true since i am like his mother. Well, same thing happen with his two older sister, i am a free nanny for 3 kids of my brother.

When my time is here to get married and have a family of my own, i will surely miss them. Though made me mad sometimes, i love my nephew with all my heart.

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