Memorable Valentines Day….

They say Valentines day is also called the Hearts day. It is a day wherein lovers do celebrate their feelings to each other, giving gifts, watching movies, go to the park and spend the time being together.

What about those people who are single?? Can they celebrate hearts day too? How does it feel to celebrate this day with someone whom i love? Questions that came into my mind when this day comes. As they say, i am a member of single since birth club. These questions left unanswered until i reach the age of 31.

I never thought i am able to celebrate hearts day with my special someone alone. Since my love is far from me, we celebrate hearts day through internet. Even where just talking it is a memorable one because i felt he is just beside me, talking and laughing. The most memorable valentines day of my life because i get to spend it with my love. First time I celebrate it without my sister as my sister is married already. They say, it would be a memorable one if your someone gives you something to make it memorable one. But to me, with gifts or without gifts if a person is not sincere its useless. A greetings from my love will do and makes me feel i am important to him and he loves me. Gifts are just material things only seen but not felt. A wonderful words saying I LOVE YOU is the magical word every girl dreamed of, something we girls do felt and cherished forever. To my love, thanks for the magical word u have given to me everyday since the day we meet.

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