A Proud Daughter….

My mother died when I was 9 years old. I have the feeling of being left alone, how can a family survived and who will teach us the values of life without a mother in the house. Keep on thinking how will my father raise us the fact that he i always out for work, go home every weekends.

As the years go by, how i missed to thank my father for all the things he had suffered to support us. What a great father God has given us. I never thought we could be able to finished college because father earns very small salary and raise five kids. Even though we encountered lots of problems and trials in life, we still hold on and prayed we can make it.

I admit i am not a perfect daughter, sometimes wish i could have another father. But i realized all he has done is for my own good. My father is an overprotected father, dont do this, dont do that, stay there, go home by this hour…sometimes makes me think i am a prisoner of our own house. Until I reached the age of 30, father is still protecting us and always wants whats best for us.

How proud I am to have a father like him, struggle hard to support us and to make us what we are now. I owe a lot to my father, someday i will turns back the goodness he has given to me and to my brothers and sister. To my mother, thanks for giving us the father who is responsible, eventhough stubborn, but always thinks whats good for us. THANK YOU FATHER!

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