Home Sweet Home….

Every year, thousands of teenagers run away from home because they do not feel the home to be ” Home Sweet Home”. Finding themselves in constant conflict with parents, and they prefer to moved out of the house and feel the need to be free.

The conflict starts when the teenagers declares am no longer a child. They want some freedom to choose what they like and do what they want to do. They no longer want to be told by thier parents from right to wrong. They think the house is no longer a home but a place where there is a king and queen and they are a slaves. And they feel the belongingness to thier peers and friends.

Teenagers refused to listen what thier parents are saying, forgot that they created with two ears that designed to listen. What a parent doesis done with the motive of love. In some fields youth have more knowledge than thier parents, but in the business of living, parents have more experience than youth. Keep the line of communication, parents should listen as well as the teenagers, learned that no parents wants thier kids to be in danger, all they think is for thier welfare and d it all for love.

A home becomes a “Home Sweet Home”, if there is an open communication between parents and thier children, specially the teenagers who want to have some freedom.

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