Boys Do Cry…….

Before they say, boys dont cry, because it lessen thier masculinity. But in my observation, boys do cry…

I have a friend from other side of the world, we share jokes and anything about life. But one day he said he wants someone to talk to because he is depressed and really feel lonely. As a friend I am always there to lend a helping hand and always there to open my ears to listen to his heartaches. I felt flattered because he shares to me the things that he wished he never done. He has some regrets in the past and he wished to come out in the open for him to move on.

He has a long time girlfriend that he dreamed to marry her one day and have a family of his own with the girl he loved. But some circumstances happens that changes life’s decision. To make the long story short they broke up, without clearing some things and issues. For years he has been looking for the love he has lost and longing to find it soon. After 2 years he finally found the girl, he felt very happy for his wished is granted. He finds a way to talk to the girl and to patch things and start over again. Only to find out that the girl is getting married. On that day, he felt a barrel of water pour over him… He cried in front of me and saying if he could only turn back time. But its good to cry to released the emotions he felt on that day.

In life, u will never know how important the person is until its gone. And all u have left are regrets, and wishing to turn back the hands of time. What had happend to my friend is a lesson learned because of letting go the most important person in his life. When you happend to have someone special in your life, cheerish them and make them feel they are important.

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