Marry Me?

Marry me?? A magical words that a girl ever dreamed of to hear it from a man they choose to love, share a life with and to have a family with. Its a wonderful thing that ever happened to a girl’s life. Every girl is dreaming to walked down the aisle, wearing wedding gown and seeing the love of her life waiting for her at the altar. Its like a dream come true when it happens in reality.

I never thought that someone could asked me to marry him. Its like a wedding bell that echoed in my ears. Hard to believed but it really happens to me. All the while i have said to myself no one will asked me, no one would like me, and no one would love me for me. I grew up with people telling me am ugly, i really don’t care but when i reach the teenage years its affects my self confidence. But someone showed me the real me and love me for me. The man who is there for me and accepted me for me. Overflowing of happiness when at last I have heard the magical words that i long to hear for a long time… Hearing it from someone i loved the most…..

Marrying the man whom I love the most is like a dream come true, a dram that i thought would never come into reality. I always thank God for giving him to me, for all the blessings He has given me. My dream to walked down the aisle is coming into reality, am so happy and i will cherish it for the rest of my life…..

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