One Body, One Soul, Two Bedrooms?

When married couples have lovers fight, they usually find themselves in the ” one body, one soul, two bedrooms”.

This is a situation happens for the couple to avoid further heated arguments and their pride. But they never realized that doing that may cause a failure to their marriage. Instead of settling it before going to bed, they decided to sleep in a separate rooms and leave the issue unsettled. There are lots of disadvantages of not sleeping together. And it affects their lives especially the kids.

My cousin have this kind of lifestyle. She said she lost her love and interest to her husband for so many reasons. They lived in the same roof but not talking, not sleeping together and they are no longer friends. They have a mind your own business except for their kids. They are together for the sake of their kids, and never realized that their kids are troubled by this kind of set up.

A marriage relationship is in danger when couples fail to learn from their mistakes and to practice forgiveness. Most wives find it hard to forgive their husband if they are unfaithful, verbal or physical abuse. Husbands on the other hand, plant in their hearts the pains their wives caused due to lying or nagging. Forgiveness is important in preserving the marriage relationship. We are human, prone to commit mistakes but we are equipped with the spirit of forgiveness.

A married life is not just romantic, and happy life. Couples should have to struggle and fight all challenges, face it together. Give time to each other and the family, make sure to have a good communication, trust, faith and believe in each other. Learn to forgive and forget.. Accept mistakes and stand up corrected.

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