Life of Being Single

There are several reasons why people choose to remain single for the rest of their lives. Too much expectations and perfections.

*They remained single for they haven’t meet the person which they expect to come to their lives. Some remained single because they haven’t overcome the fear, shyness and lack of self-confidence.
* Others choose to remained single because of unfortunate past experienced. They are being hurt for the past relationships they had and afraid to trust again. The dark nightmare of yesterday.
* Failure from previous marriage, afraid to love again and being hurt again. Broken marriage is also a reason for a person to remain single, separation and divorced.
* Some stay unmarried because of personal choice. For the reasons commitment to careers, to have their independence and to have their own life, no responsibilities and obligations.
* Others are unmarried by the will of God. God thinks it would be better for them to remain single.

Nevertheless, there are still singles who wish and hope to get married in the future. They are seeking more friends, and acquaintance, joining clubs and other organization and improving social life. Still hoping for the bright tomorrow and a brighter future. Even of the dark past, they are still willing to gamble and to take the risk to be happy forever.

The biggest question of being single is, how can u deal with sexual desire?

Sexual desire is not sinful, it is normal. The challenge is to find the Christian way to deal with it. Single may encounter lots of temptations, and its normal. It is how u handle that temptation that’s leads to sin. Lots of trials and difficulties. The life of living alone is lonely, longing for a companion.

Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil. Come near to God and He will come near to you. Singleness is one of God’s gifts. While God gives to some the gift of marriage, to some He bestows the gift of singleness.

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