Nine (9) Mornings….December 16 – 24…..

Its been a year since i have attended 9 mornings of mass. Catholic people do have masses for 9 mornings in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ. Oldies says, if u are able to complete those 9 mornings masses u will get what u have wished for. Before I don’t really believe in that, if u are able to complete those 9 masses wish will come true. And so i tried if it will works to me.

I do attended 9 mornings mass but did not able to complete it. It was December of 2007 when i decided to complete and see if it will come true. I did complete those 9 masses for that year and luckily my wish do come true. On the following year, December of 2008 i am attended again those 9 mornings mass and completed it. And luckily it was an answered prayer, almost lost my interest in finding the man of my dreams…. But i never lost hope, am still hoping since 2009 is not yet over.

It was September 1, 2009 when i finally meet him. And i said to myself, patience is really a virtue. Give my millions thanks to God for having him. In my experience, wishes do come true if u have faith in Him, asked what and how much u really wanted it, and believe that everything has been planned by God. All you have to do is to find it and look for it in your heart.

Now its December again of 2009, I have the same planned complete all 9 mornings of mass. All i am praying for this year is good health and peaceful mind to my family, love ones and all people around the world. Others are saying, my experience was just a coincidence. Even so, I still have faith and believed in what i have believed in. And I do believed that if u prayed and asked for Him, He will give it to you in due time….. Just keep the faith in Him….never lost hope!

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