Why Goodbye?

Does break-up really hurts? Why do people hurts the ones they love?? When you love someone, why so ends up hurting them?
Questions that comes in my mind every time i saw someone crying after a relationship ends.

Goodbye is just a simple word but carries a burden to a person who ends a relationship. When two opposite sex felt the same feeling towards each other, the courtship starts. And starts a relationship, as boyfriend and girlfriend. Sharing the same feelings, the love, and to show that they cares.

Goodbye is the art of letting go of someone whom u love and cant afford to hurt her/his feelings.
A word goodbye is a beginning of a new life, new start and new beginning of a lost love. It takes time to heal the broken heart, and time heal all wounds. Sooner or later all is fine, going better and moved on with a new life.

Goodbye is needed when the love found is lost because of some circumstances. It is said to be the saddest part of a relationship but it is needed to avoid hurting each others feelings. It is not always bad experienced, but look at the bright side of it. We said goodbye to someone and ends the relationship because God has a plans for the both of you and preparing someone who is really meant for you…

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