For the love of Ronj..

Since my older brother got married and have their first baby, they asked me to be a nanny for a while for its hard to trust the baby to a younger nanny. I accepted it since i don’t have a job. Until the 2nd baby arrived until the third baby.

The third baby named Ronj, the only boy among the three kids of my brother. We are very happy when he was born because we are looking for a boy in the third generation of our family.
The problem is they don’t asked me or even asked my permission to be a nanny for the third time. And because i love my brother and we are family. A family are used to help each other. And they promised to look for a baby sitter after 2 months.

After 2 months as they promised, i asked them to look for a nanny. Being a nanny for three kids is not that easy. They said, just wait…..until the 2 months became 5 months….. If i didn’t love the kids i wouldn’t do it. I have noticed that they are abusing me already, but its okay as long as i can take it. Until i told myself, its time to say no…How can i say no to my brother who is taking care of us when our mother died?

One day, i told my brother i quit, am tired and i need my freedom….i don’t want to look for the kids anymore… and i mean it! But looking at the baby makes me heart cry… seeing Ronj helpless, crying, looking at me makes me sad. Every time i look at the baby he smiles at me and makes my heart happy. If i didn’t love Ronj i wouldn’t be a nanny to him. Am angry with his parents because they are taking advantage of my kindness, but how can i bare it when no one looks after the baby?

After days of thinking things over, i have finally decided to be a nanny for baby Ronj. Told them my service will be up to June of 2010 only. I am doing this because we are family, and i want them to help while they are still looking for a baby sitter. And most especially i am doing this for the love of baby Ronj.

One Response to “For the love of Ronj..”

  1. ladyguinevere28 says:

    You've already proven how much you love your brother when you took care his 2 daughters. Its too much love why you still took care his third child.