What is Family?

A FAMILY is composed of a Mother, Father and kids.
But, how is a family with no mother to guide those kids? and a mother to light the house?

That is the family i have been into. My mother got very sick when i was 6 years old, after struggling for years, my mother died at the age of 40 years old. The most tragic days of our lives, doing things at a very young age, no mother to look up to us and guide us. Even so, we didn’t lose hope especially my father who is doing his best to keep our family survive for all the trials.

Looking back those years, cant believe we are able to survived of all those trials and difficulties. A family can still survived and moved on with our lives without a mother to look up to us. My father is with us every weekends, since his job is to travel some parts of Mindanao. Though we don’t have our mother beside us, we keep in our minds that she is always there watching us and praying for us.

A family is someone whom we can asked for help, advices and strength to fight all the trials in life. A family that will support us in every thing that we do. A family to laughed and cry with, and a family who will always be there through ups and down and be there no matter what.

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