Counting my blessings..

This morning as i am listening to music, i have been thinking of what have been happening to me lately. I have an overload thoughts of complaining the things that i have been doing since I choose to stay at home and serve family. I have been stepping into my mothers shoes since she passed away when i was 9 years old.

While listening to music it made me realized that instead of complaining, embraced those things that gives me loads of thought that is so stressful to me. Never matter if they are helping me or not, am resting or not, and even made me tired sometimes of doing those things alone, i will embraced all and keeping in my mind that am doing this out of LOVE. I am tendering my service to the person whom i love, my family.

Instead of complaining, i will start my days with a smile and a happy face always. Counting my blessings everyday, makes my days easy and bright. I have realized i have been blessed by God ever since. Blessed with a loving family, a loving heart, a healthy body and soul and blessed with someone whom love me for me. I have been blessed that i have been able to served my family in my own little way. I may have not been helping financially.

I have been asking God, whats His plans for me. But never realized that i am tasked to stepped my mothers shoes since she died early. Doing these things everyday for love, out of love and for my family, things that i have been blessed for. Embrace challenges and counting my blessings.

One Response to “Counting my blessings..”

  1. ladyguinevere28 says:

    Good job… keep it up:-)