Missing my other half…

Today is not a good day for me…..doing things that i have done before…. the daily routine that i used to do inside the house. Feeling exhausted everyday, tired and burnt out. First time i have ever felt like this, seems that i am doing all these things alone.. I needed some help once in awhile.

Doing those things today is not so inspiring to me.. I started my day talking to my inspiration. A good thing to start my day talking to the one that gives me love and inspires me all day of my life. But today, only talked to him a few seconds and to me seems like its forever. I really missed my OREO today. My other half that used to complete my days. I understand that he is so busy, just missed him.

Now, am closing my day reading our past and previous conversation. Spending my time while waiting for my eyes to say, get some rest. I know this is over, and so so so mushy to others. But things like this is so right when u are in love and inspired by someone… Someone that makes u feel special and someone who is always there for u to listen and spend time talking and changing ideas and jokes..

I am missing my other half, because he completes my day, makes me laugh, makes me feel special. The half that i have been longing for to be there for me and share things that we think. My other half thinks the same with me, and we enjoy each other company even talking through chat.. We are miles apart from each other because he lives from the other side of the world. Felt so near yet so far… Distance makes our relationship stronger, for we do trust and have faith in each other.

One Response to “Missing my other half…”

  1. ladyguinevere28 says:

    I feel how much you are really in love… Best of lucks…:-)